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128GB Micro SD Card
Memory TEAM 128GB Micro SD Card Comfortably satisfies the high-speed access requirement of s..
£79.95 (Inc VAT)
Ex Tax: £66.63
RoadHawk 1TB HDD
RoadHawk 1TB HDD
Out Of Stock
RoadHawk 1TB HDD ​ 1TB HDD specifically to fit the E42 and E82 DVR. This will allow for around 3..
£78.00 (Inc VAT)
Ex Tax: £65.00
RoadHawk Bullet R+ Moto Edition Hardwire kit
RoadHawk Bullet R+ Moto 12v Hard-Wiring Kit Using this 12v hardwiring kit you can connect RoadHaw..
£24.95 (Inc VAT)
Ex Tax: £20.79
RoadHawk E42 / E82 GPS Module
RoadHawk E42 / E82 GPS Module   GPS antenna. Replacement for the antenna supplied with the ..
£42.00 (Inc VAT)
Ex Tax: £35.00
RoadHawk TFT Monitor
This is the LED TFT 7" RoadHawk Monitor. Compatible with RoadHawk E10, E42 and E82 Multi Camera V..
£89.99 (Inc VAT)
Ex Tax: £74.99
RoadHawk Trailer Connection Cable
RoadHawk Trailer Connection Cable   Trailer connection cable. 3 part connection kit, comes ..
£109.96 (Inc VAT)
Ex Tax: £91.63
RoadHawk Vision Suction Mount
RoadHawk Vision Suction Mount The perfect accessory for the RoadHawk Vision dash cam. Easily deta..
£7.50 (Inc VAT)
Ex Tax: £6.25
RoadHawk Waterproof Battery Pack
RoadHawk Waterproof Battery Pack This battery pack is compatible with the RoadHawk Ride ..
£39.95 (Inc VAT)
Ex Tax: £33.29
RoadHawk Ride Waterproof USB cable
RoadHawk RIDE Waterproof USB Cable Compatible with RoadHawk RIDE only. This allows the RoadHaw..
£9.99 (Inc VAT)
Ex Tax: £8.33
AVM-950h Forward Facing Camera
An internal window mounted camera, its small form factor makes it ideal as a forward facing camera t..
£77.50 (Inc VAT)
Ex Tax: £64.58
AVM-952 Internal IR Camera
A water resistant internal camera with Infra-Red night vision up to 3m, it can be used as an in cab ..
£65.95 (Inc VAT)
Ex Tax: £54.96
RH-D30 Dome Camera
A fully water and dust proof high quality metal DOME camera with infra red LEDs for night vision. T..
£65.95 (Inc VAT)
Ex Tax: £54.96
RH-669 Side Swipe Camera
A waterproof external  vehicle grade dome camera that can be mounted to any external surface, i..
£71.95 (Inc VAT)
Ex Tax: £59.96
RH-663 Reversing Camera
A fully water and dust proof high quality reversing camera with infra red night vision LEDs. Metal ..
£62.95 (Inc VAT)
Ex Tax: £52.46
RH-670 Rear View Camera
RH-670 Rear View Camera Fully waterproof roof mounted reversing camera with adjustable DOME and i..
£87.88 (Inc VAT)
Ex Tax: £73.23
RH-671 Rear View / Reverse Camera
  RH-671 Rear View/Reverse Camera   A fully water proof external camera with inte..
£90.33 (Inc VAT)
Ex Tax: £75.28
RoadHawk 720 Window Mount
A spare 3M Adhesive windscreen mount for the RoadHawk 720 camera. Includes 2 x 3M pads (one alrea..
£7.99 (Inc VAT)
Ex Tax: £6.66
RoadHawk GPS Antenna
The RoadHawk GPS antenna for the RoadHawk HD-2,  RoadHawk HD Dash Camera and RoadHawk DC-2..
£19.95 (Inc VAT)
Ex Tax: £16.63
RoadHawk Power Cable
 This is the 12v/24v power cable for the RoadHawk HD-2, RoadHawk HD and RoadHawk DC-2 &nbs..
£9.95 (Inc VAT)
Ex Tax: £8.29
Transcend 64GB Micro SD card
£35.99 (Inc VAT)
Ex Tax: £29.99
RoadHawk Vision Hard Wiring Kit
Install your RoadHawk Vision Dashboard Camera permanently in your vehicle using this hard wiring kit..
£17.50 (Inc VAT)
Ex Tax: £14.58
RoadHawk Vision Spare Power Cable
Easily fit your RoadHawk Vision dashboard camera to your vehicle using this RoadHawk Vision spare po..
£13.99 (Inc VAT)
Ex Tax: £11.66
RoadHawk Camera Fitted Sticker
 We have two different versions of this sticker available. A window sticker and a bumper sticke..
£0.50 (Inc VAT)
Ex Tax: £0.42
64GB SD Card TEAM U3
TEAM Pro 64GB SD Card U3 These are the latest 45MB/s SD Cards from Integral with 5..
£35.99 (Inc VAT)
Ex Tax: £29.99
RoadHawk Cable Clips
Set of 5 x Cable clips for RoadHawk cameras. With 3M VHB backing used to secure the cable around th..
£4.00 (Inc VAT)
Ex Tax: £3.33
RoadHawk Hard Wiring Kit
This is the hard wiring kit for the RoadHawk DC-1, RoadHawk DC-2 and RoadHawk HD and RoadHawk HD-2 C..
£19.96 (Inc VAT)
Ex Tax: £16.63
RoadHawk Locking Box
The Locking Box solution for the RoadHawk HD dash camera prevents any user from removing the SD card..
£18.00 (Inc VAT)
Ex Tax: £15.00
RoadHawk Lens and Seal Pack
Compatible with RoadHawk RIDE R+ This pack contains 1 spare outer lens and 5 spare O-Ring seals f..
£7.98 (Inc VAT)
Ex Tax: £6.65
RoadHawk Sealed Rear Cap
Compatible with RoadHawk RIDE R+ This is the sealed (non vented) rear cap for the RoadHawk RIDE R..
£5.99 (Inc VAT)
Ex Tax: £4.99
RoadHawk R+ Waterproof USB Battery Cable
Compatible with RoadHawk RIDE R+ Waterproof USB power cable for the RoadHawk RIDE R+ Bullet Camera...
£9.95 (Inc VAT)
Ex Tax: £8.29
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