RoadHawk R+ Waterproof USB Battery Cable

RoadHawk R+ Waterproof USB Battery Cable
RoadHawk R+ Waterproof USB Battery Cable
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RoadHawk R+ Waterproof USB Battery Cable

Compatible with RoadHawk RIDE R+
Waterproof USB power cable for the RoadHawk RIDE R+ Bullet Camera.
This allows you to power the camera from any USB power supply.

USB batteries and USB power outputs from vehicles to provide much longer recording times.
The cable is 1.5m long and is waterproof at the camera end.
Once the camera is connected to a power supply or battery it will turn on and start recording automatically.
The power button on the camera becomes disabled so you can control the recording of the camera using the switch on your USB battery. 

You can also use this cable to charge the RIDE R+ camera or to connect it to a computer to retrieve video files and change the camera's settings.
USB extension cables are widely available if you require longer runs.

If you require this cable to hard wire to your vehicle, please consult your motorcycle or car dealer for the correct accessory to power a USB device.

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