RoadHawk DC-1 Dash Camera

RoadHawk DC-1 Dash Camera
RoadHawk DC-1 Dash Camera RoadHawk DC-1 Dash Camera RoadHawk DC-1 Dash Camera RoadHawk DC-1 Dash Camera RoadHawk DC-1 Dash Camera RoadHawk DC-1 Dash Camera RoadHawk DC-1 Dash Camera
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This is our RoadHawk DC-1 forward facing camera.
In the event of a non-fault accident this device can provide the evidence required to exonerate a driver.

FREE UK Shipping - 2 year warranty!

The DC-1 is a car black box video recorder. It records video and audio on a constant loop and stores it on a standard SD memory card. This camera is fitted with a 3D sensor which measures G-force and will detect an impact. In the event of a collision,  harsh braking or acceleration the DC-1 will save a 20 second clip (10 seconds before and 10 seconds after the incident) as an "event". The supplied 4gb card can hold over 200 "events"

The RoadHawk DC-1 vehicle drive recorder captures video, audio (can be disabled) G-Force and GPS data whilst you are driving. Using the supplied software you can play back the video files and see the exact vehicle speed, direction and position overlayed on to Google Maps.

A video review and guide to using the RoadHawk DC-1 in car camera.

Everything you need is supplied in the box and fitting this camera to your car is as easy as most portable Sat Nav devices. Simply mount the camera on your windscreen facing forwards and plug it in to your cigar lighter socket. 

A 5m power cable and cable clips are supplied so you can make a nice, tidy install with the cable routed around the screen - out of view.

The 4gb SD Card supplied with the DC-1 will hold around 6 hours of video on a loop. You can expand this up to 32gb for a total of 48 hours record time.

New features on the DC-1 Dash Camera

  • Makes .MP4 video files that can be played on just about any computer
  • Really easy to use PC software supplied for viewing speed and mapping data
  • Uses a new WDR camera for better quality video and better low light stability
  • Has a parking mode for surveillance when the vehicle is parked (requires permanent live connection)
  • Emergency button for manually creating "event" video clips
  • Has a basic photo mode
  • Much smaller than previous RH-1 model
  • RoadHawks are already being used by insurance companies and large fleet operators to cut litigation costs

The DC-1 is supplied with an adhesive window mount that is small and unobtrusive. The camera can be quickly removed from the mount and we have spare mounts and power cables available in our accessories section for when you move the camera to another vehicle.


 Video clip sent in from a customer from the DC-1 Camera.

DC-1 Specification:

Camera 1.3 Mega Pixel CMOS 125 deg lens Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)
Video Resolution 640x480 @ 30fps
Audio Recording Internal Mic (can be disabled)
GPS Internal GPS module and antenna
G-Sensor Internal 3D G-Sensor (Collision, Q-Break, Q-accel detection)
Data Storage SD Card (min 512mb, max 32GB SDHC)
Power Supply DC 12v - 24v

Fleet owners: - Please contact us for pricing.

View: RoadHawk Fitting Guide
Download: RoadHawk DC-1 Manual
Download: RoadHawk DC-1 info sheet

2 year roadhawk warranty
All RoadHawk Dash Cameras have a full 2yr Warranty included.

The video files from the RoadHawk DC-1 camera can be played on both PC and MAC using VLC which can be downloaded for free from HERE
To see the G-Force, Speed and Mapping DATA you will need to install the RoadHawk DC-1 Software.

RoadHawk DC-1 Viewing Software (Windows only)

MAC users will not be able to use the RoadHawk DC-1 software. We recommend the RoadHawk HD Dash Camera for MAC users.

This is a brief explanation of how the viewing software for the DC-1 drive recorder works.
A full user manual is supplied with each system to assist in installation and use of the software.

dc-1 dash camera software

The main window of the Roadhawk DC-1 in car black box camera software gives you full control of your recorded video files. The large image to the left of the screen is the video taken  with the DC-1. Directly under this is a graph showing real time G-Forces of  the X,Y and Z coordinates.Towards the lower part of the window is the video transport control.

 The right hand side is the Google Maps Overlay and file management. Below this are the option controls for loading  video and data files from the SD card.    


dc-1 dash camera controls

The video transport control panel works like any other VCR or media playing software. In the middle of this panel is the current  vehicle speed and this can be toggled from the settings menu.

 Towards the right hand side of this panel are the playback speed controls. Volume control is on the left. To disable the DC-1 from recording audio please visit the SETTINGS menu.

 The video file list menu shows all the stored video files your SD memory card. You can access this list by clicking on the small purple arrow just to the right of the smaller file list.

 Each video file is date and time numbered in this format YYMMDD_HHMMSS. The event status will tell you why the video file has been stored "shock", "emergency"  etc.

If you just want to list event files then click "EVENT" at the top of the list.
 Double clicking these files and then pressing on the PLAY button will start playiing the video.

 The Google Map overlay displays the position of your vehicle relative to the time the video was taken in real time. You can display the map in normal "map mode" or choose  "satellite" or "hybrid" modes to overlay satellite imagery of the surrounding area.

You can use the map controls to zoom in or out and move around the current vehicle location.

Pressing on the "map", "satellite" and "hybrid" modes will change the way the map displays on you computer making it easier to locate the vehicle.

The device settings panel is used for changing the way the DC-1  operates. You can select video quality and change the sensitivity of the G-Force sensor.

 Recording mode sets how the DC-1 triggers. In single mode only alarm events will be kept on the SD card. In infinte mode the unit will  record continually on a loop deleting the earliest files when the card is full. In event mode, events are also stored as a separate file so you can navigate directly to an event using the file manager panel. 

 The DC-1 software supplied is both intuitive and easy to use. There are no complicated settings to be made and the software is small in size and technically quite basic so it will run on just about any computer running any windows operating system.
A copy of the viewing software can be found on the CD-ROM included with your RoadHawk camera. 

The software for the DC-1 is freeware and can be given to anyone to use. 

PLEASE NOTE: The software is not compatible with MAC operating systems.


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