RoadHawk DC-2 Dash Cam

RoadHawk DC-2 Dash Cam
RoadHawk DC-2 Dash Cam RoadHawk DC-2 Dash Cam RoadHawk DC-2 Dash Cam RoadHawk DC-2 Dash Cam RoadHawk DC-2 Dash Cam RoadHawk DC-2 Dash Cam
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RoadHawk DC-2 Dash Cam



lease dash-camsLease options available for multiple vehicles and fleet.
More info on our dash-cam lease plan.



tfl approved dash-cam

The RoadHawk DC-2 dash-cam has undergone strict testing and has gained TFL approval.

30 days no quibble money back guarantee and standard 2 year warranty - FREE UK Shipping!

 "The DC-2 offers a great balance between advanced features, video quality and distraction-free driving."

RoadHawk DC-2 Dash-Cam

This is the RoadHawk DC-2 forward-facing dash-cam which replaced the best-selling DC-1. Offering up to 1080p resolution (scalable to 720p or 480p for longer record times), low-light sensor, GPS receiver, G-force sensor, SDXC memory compatibility and image stabilisation, this camera is a huge increase in performance over the DC-1 dash-cam whilst offering many of the facilities of the impressive RoadHawk HD. 

The camera works on a loop recording system, overwriting the oldest files as it records.  If it detects an impact, the camera creates an ‘event’ file.  Event files are not overwritten unless they exceed 40% of the capacity of the memory card, at which point the oldest file will be overwritten first.

Options include:  GPS antenna, remote event trigger, alarm output trigger (to fit many tracking systems), locking box and suction mount.

Small and Unobtrusive Design

RoadHawk dash-cams are designed based on the feedback from our customers and are compatible with construction in use regulations for motor vehicles, which ensures that when fitted correctly they are legal to use and will not fail an MOT or leave you contravening VOSA regulations. The DC-2 uses the provided 3M adhesive pad to mount the camera behind your rear view mirror. Enough cable is provided to route the power to the camera around the screen and to the accessory socket, making the installation look professional and virtually impossible to see. Most drivers will not see the camera from a normal driving position.

Most customers tell us they can install the RoadHawk dash-cam themselves out of the box in under 15 minutes. 

The RoadHawk DC-2 dash-cam can also be easily wired directly to your car or vehicle using an optional hard wiring kit.


RoadHawk Dash Camera 1080p

Ultra-High Video Quality

RoadHawk DC-2 uses a high-end 1080p video processor and very high quality CMOS sensor.
This chipset is capable of settings of 480p, 720p and 1080p at up to 30 frames per second, allowing for very high quality video recordings.
Video files are standard MP4 and can be played full-screen on any modern computer.


dash camera image StabilisationDigital Image Stabilisation

RoadHawk DC-2 is one of only a few dash-cams on the market fitted with full EIS (electronic image stabilisation) to give you the smoothest video even on the roughest of road surfaces.
The 3 dimensional gyro provides G-Force data which will lock a video file if the camera detects an impact.

low light dash camerasLow Light Performance

The RoadHawk DC-2 uses a low-light CMOS sensor.
This sensor not only provides excellent colour reproduction and sharp day time images but also excellent low-light ability.
This sensor exceeds the performance of IR sensors.


mac software roadhawk

UK Designed Software

Our software is compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and OSX for MAC.
The software shows the video, date & time stamp, speed, GPS location, map view, files and G-force information.
You can also play the videos in Quicktime, VLC or Windows Media Player. The standard video files can be edited by just about any video editing software available today.


SDXC DashCameraSDXC Compatible with High Capacity SD Card

The RoadHawk DC-2 dash-cam is compatible with the latest range of high capacity cards including the latest SDXC format allowing 64GB and 128GB SDXC cards to be used. 


Automatic Shock Sensor

The RoadHawk DC-2 has a configurable 3 axis accelerometer which measures shocks to the vehicle.  When a shock is detected the camera will lock the file as an event, making it easy to find and review any potential impacts. 
Events can also be manually activated, either using the ‘E’ button on the rear of the camera or by using the optional remote event trigger.


Precision GPS receiver

The RoadHawk DC-2 uses an internal GPS sensor to record exactly where a vehicle has been travelling. 
This is then interpreted by the software to offer mapping and speed data.There is an optional GPS antenna available for vehicles that have some difficulty locking on to the GPS.


Lockable Solution (optional)

Many customers want to restrict access to the camera's SD card. With the locking box in place, it is not possible to remove the SD card or the power cable without a key, making the camera virtually tamper proof.

Click for more info on the RoadHawk Locking Box.

The locking solution is designed to be as unobtrusive as possible and only takes up a few centimetres more room when fitted.

Communicate with Tracker

The RoadHawk DC-2 dash-camera has an alarm output which can be connected to many different types of tracking device.

Once this has been correctly configured, the camera will send a signal to the tracker if it detects an 'event' (collision). The tracking device will send this as an alert to the tracking software where the fleet manager can be made aware if the camera is triggered in the event of an accident.

Using the tracking software, the fleet manager can make the decision to contact the driver to get more info about the situation.

RoadHawk DC-2 should be able to connect to any tracker which has an alarm input. If you would like to know if the RoadHawk DC-2 is compatible with your tracking device then please don't hesitate to contact us.

Currently tested and confirmed tracking devices:-

Trakm8 T8

Download: trakm8 T8 connection guide
Visit: trakm8 website


navman wireless tracker camera
Navman Wireless Qube 3
Navman Wireless QUBE3 Connection Guide
Visit: Navman Wireless

tomtom tracker
TomTom LINK 510
Download: TomTom Link 510 Connection Guide
Visit: TomTom Business


RoadHawk DC-2 should also be compatible with the following telematics systems (although currently untested by us):-

  • C-Track - MaXx
  • ISO Trak -  Vehicle tracking unit
  • Haltech - Tracker
  • V-Sol - Fleet management System (tested by V-Sol)
  • Satmo - Assest Tracking
  • Chameleon - Fleet Tracking
  • Masternaut - Tracking Systems
  • Black Telematics Box - Calamp LMU2610
Video Comparison: RoadHawk DC-1 vs RoadHawk DC-2

RoadHawk camera comparison chart - DOWNLOAD

  • Full HD 1080p Video Recording.
  • High quality sensor providing excellent video quality and tuned for low light sensitivity.
  • Gyro balanced image stabilisation
  • SD XC compatible (4GB to 128GB)
  • External GPS antenna connection
  • External Audio input connection
  • 1hz GPS Receiver
  • A5s processor for high quality H.264 encoding
  • User controlled video bit rate setting
  • User controlled G-Force, audio input and Speaker volume settings
  • Audio can be disabled
  • New vertical mount designed to have the lens of the camera sitting closer to the screen of the vehicle minimising reflection
  • 1/4" standard camera mount thread for use with numerous camera mounts and grips.
  • Low level algorithm for detecting SD card errors and warning the user of any potential problems.
  • Alarm input for remote triggering events and output for communicating with tracking devices.
2 year roadhawk warranty
All RoadHawk Dash Cameras have a full 2yr Warranty included.

Download RoadHawk DC-2 software:


MAC Users you may need to install Adobe Air before installing the RoadHawk software..

Video Guide for RoadHawk HD and RoadHawk HD Software
Also applies to RoadHawk DC-2 Camera

RoadHawk DC-2 Software is both PC and MAC compatible. We designed this app to be as easy to use as possible.
It will auto update your camera for you and we continue to add more features at regular intervals.

roadhawk hd player software

When you run the RoadHawk software it will look for the SD card from the RoadHawk dash camera. If the SD card is blank, the software will NOT see the SD Card. 
You MUST use the SD card in the camera BEFORE using this software.

Once you insert the SD card from the camera in to your computer it will list all the video files on that card on the right hand side of the screen. 
A USB card reader is supplied with the RoadHawk DC-2 camera.

Just above the list of files you will see three buttons. EVENT, NORMAL and ALL.

file filter
File Filter

EVENT: will list only the files that have been created by the camera because of an EVENT.
    This could be a collision, a pothole or a manual event created by pressing the E button on the camera.
NORMAL: Will display only NORMAL video files created by the camera, this should be your normal everyday driving. 
   Depending on the size of the SD card you are using and also depending on the quality settings, you should expect to see your most recent journeys here.
ALL: This will display all files on the card in the order they were created.
  Please note that the earliest files will normally be EVENT files as these stay on the card longer than NORMAL video files.

At this point, you might be seeing a video recorded several days or weeks ago at the top of the list. Towards the bottom of the list you will start to see your normal everyday driving videos. It is normal to have gaps in these files because of the way the camera overwrites the earliest files recorded.

roadhawk hd map

Below the list of video files you will see the MAP. This will show the location of the vehicle at the time the video was recorded. If the camera was not receiving a GPS signal at the time of recording or if your computer does not have an internet connection then you might not see the MAP.
Within the MAP screen you can use the buttons in the top left to navigate around the MAP and to zoom in or zoom out.

roadhawk hd g-force sensor
G-Force Sensor

Below the main windows is a G-Force Meter display. The small spot in the centre of this meter represents the G-Force experienced by the camera at the time the video was recorded.
As the vehicle accelerates you would expect to see the spot move towards the bottom of the meter. Braking will show up as the spot moving upwards on the meter. Cornering will send the spot left or right. The more heavy the manoeuvre, the further the spot will travel on the graph.

roadhawk hd speed display
Vehicle Speed

Just below the main video window is the speed of the vehicle shown be default in MPH. Clicking here will change the display to KPH and vice versa.

roadhawk hd settings
RoadHawk DC-2 Camera Settings

Click the settings icon within the software to change the settings on your camera. When you make a change to the settings, the software will save a small config file to your SD card. The next time the camera is powered on with this card inserted it will read the config file and set itself accordingly.

In this menu you can change:

Resolution: The size of the image being recorded.
Frame Rate: Set the amount of frames being recorded per second.
Time Zone: Set your local time zone.
File Length: Set the length of time before a new file is started.
LOOP: Choose if the camera should loop record or simply stop recording when the SD card is full.
Mic Sensitivity: Set the volume of the internal mic. (Lower = quieter: 0 = off)
Speaker Volume: Set the volume of the internal speaker in the camera.
EVENT Sensitivity: Set how sensitive the G-Force sensor is. (Lower = less sensitive)
Contrast: Sets the contrast settings for the image produced by the camera.
Brightness: Sets the brightness of the image produced by the camera.
Saturation: Sets the saturation (colour) of the image produced by the camera.
Bit-Rate: Set the overall video quality. (Higher = better quality)
Record Mode: Choose if you want the camera to record EVENTS or just NORMAL video.
Spot Metering: Enables/Disables spot metering mode on the image produced by the camera.
Timestamp: Enables or disables the timstamp recorded on the image by the camera.

Notes on the new software settings for the RoadHawk DC-2 Dash Camera:
In most cases the default settings for the camera will provide the optimal image quality. We have now added the ability to tweak these settings so you can fine tune them to your own preference. By adjusting the contrast and brightness settings it is possible to improve low light performance but at the cost of some image quality during day time driving. The saturation setting controls how much colour in the image the camera will produce.

Spot Metering:
When this is selected to ON the camera will measure the exposure settings from the center of the image instead of the outside. Set this to ON of the camera is to be mounted on a roll bar. This will stop the camera from over exposing the image through the windsreen and underexposing the inside of the vehicle.

The RoadHawk dash camera gets its time and date from GPS. When this setting is on, the time and date are imbedded in to the right lower corner of the image. Disabling this will remove the time and date from the video. If you are using the RoadHawk DC-2 as a dash camera then it is recommended to leave this setting enabled for evidential purposes. NOTE: Even when the timestamp is disabled, the file names of the videos produced by the dash camera will still be created using the time and date found whilst the camera is recording.



  • 1 x RoadHawk DC-2 Camera
  • 1 x Power Cable
  • 1 x 8GB SD Card
  • 1 x USB Card Reader
  • 1 x Windscreen adhesive mount
  • 1 x Vertical Windscreen adhesive mount
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x CD-ROM

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