RoadHawk Window Mount

RoadHawk Window Mount
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RoadHawk Window Mount

This is a spare sticky window mount for the RoadHawk HD-2, RoadHawk HD, RoadHawk DC and RoadHawk DC-2 car camera systems.
(All RoadHawk HD Dash Cameras are supplied with one of these adhesive mounts as standard)

It is supplied with a VHB 3M sticky pad designed to give a super strong bond between the camera mount and your window.
Please ensure the inside of the windscreen is clean and dry before applying this mount.

NOTE: Only compatible with the RoadHawk HD, RoadHawk DC-1 and RoadHawk DC-2 Camera systems.

If you want to move your camera from one vehicle to another then you can do so buy purchasing this spare camera mount and a spare RoadHawk camera power cable.

2 year roadhawk warranty
All RoadHawk products have a full 2yr Warranty included.

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