RoadHawk Hard Wiring Kit

RoadHawk Hard Wiring Kit
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RoadHawk Hard Wiring Kit

This is the hard wiring kit for the RoadHawk DC-1, RoadHawk DC-2 and RoadHawk HD and RoadHawk HD-2 Cameras.

It has a total of 5m of cable with an inline fuse. There is a filter box inline which reduces interference to and from the camera.

Inside the filter box are components which will cut the power to the camera should the vehicle's voltage drop reducing the risk of flattening the battery. You can connect this kit up to a permanent 12v supply (direct to the battery) or to a circuit on the ignition so the camera only powers up when the engine is running.

Input: 12 - 32v
Output: 12v

This kit has two wires. 
Black = Negative (earth)
Red = Postive (12v)

Compatible with RoadHawk HD, RoadHawk DC-2 and RoadHawk DC-1 Cameras


2 year roadhawk warranty
All RoadHawk products have a full 2yr Warranty included.

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